Closed-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam – Residential Buildings

Closed-cell Spray foam - Residential

As homeowners face rising energy costs, improved energy performance is a priority. Building a new home or renovating one requires high quality insulation that also air seals and resists moisture. Many builders, architects and homeowners specify closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (ccSPF) with Honeywell blowing agents to meet these demands.

Some of the reasons include:

Superior thermal insulation performance

  • R-values* are typically >6.0 (one inch of thickness at 75°F)

Outstanding water/moisture resistance

  • Impermeable to moisture, serves as vapor retarder without additional materials

Excellent air barrier properties

  • Prevents air leakage to improve energy efficiency, can reduce HVAC system load

Reliable R-values

  • Won’t shrink or settle over time when properly installed, reducing potential for R-value degradation – a significant problem with other insulations that slip down the stud cavity

Strong “wind washing” resistance

  • Prevents air from passing through to maintain R-value – even in high winds
  • Fewer drafts leads to improved occupant comfort

Other benefits include:

  • Improved structural strength
  • Absorbs sound/reduces noise transmission
  • Impedes entry of insects and pests
  • Can qualify for rebates, tax credits and green certification

*Savings can vary. Check wit your seller’s fact sheet for specific R-values when comparing SPF to other insulations.

Since many variables impact ccSPF material and installation costs, it is preferable to discuss the project budget, return on investment (ROI), potential energy savings and possible tax credits or green certification (e.g. LEED credits) with the SPF manufacturer or contractor.