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Solstice LBA: Samsung SDI ABS Liners (Appliance Design, July 2015) (342 kB) Preserving and Protecting Cleveland’s Theater District with Spray-foam Insulation (Retrofit Magazine, July 2015) Afinox Picks 1233zd After Successful Tests (, June 2015) Insulation for LNG Pipes – DUNA Case Study (432 kB) Solstice LBA Afinox Appliances Case Study (457 kB) Solstice GBA Jackon XPS Case Study (232 kB) Solstice GBA Isofoam XPS Case Study (180 kB) Solstice® LBA: Spray Foam Roof at MMA Champ Dan Henderson’s Calif. Gym is a Knockout (644 kB) Solstice® LBA: Midea’s Breakthrough Refrigerator Insulation Solution (272 kB) Infographic: Solstice LBA in Lapolla Wall Insulation at ReNEWW House at Purdue University (1 MB) Solstice® LBA: Ty Pennington Selects Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation with Solstice LBA for His NextGen Home (335 kB) Solstice® LBA: First Wall Spray Foam in Canadian Cottage (1 MB) Solstice® LBA: First Wall Spray Foam in Canadian Garage (285 kB) Case Study: Wall Spray Foam in Purdue ReNEWW House (974 kB) Solstice® LBA: Water Treatment Facility Roof, Philadelphia, Pa (230 kB) Solstice® LBA: Theater Roof Repair, PlayhouseSquare, Cleveland, Ohio (241 kB) Case Study: Colby Community College (410 kB) Solstice® LBA: Church Roof Repair, Winston-Salem, NC (269 kB) Solstice® LBA: Improved Energy Efficiency in Whirlpool Refrigerators (973 kB) Solstice® LBA: Green Pioneers Initiate Reefer Container Trials (174 kB) Solstice® LBA: Cleveland Airport System, Cleveland, Ohio (754 kB) Enovate: All Weather Insulated Panel Chooses Enovate for Continuous Panel Lines (323 kB) Enovate: Spray Foam Roof Replacement at Honeywell Learning Center (162 kB) Enovate: Spray Foam Roof for Dome-Shaped Structure (182 kB) Enovate: Spray Foam Roof Repair at Honeywell Admin. Building (165 kB) Enovate: Insulation and Waterproofing to Improve Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Spain) (290 kB)

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